how long it takes to create a photo

I don’t carry around a compressor. So blowing up this elephant takes 20 minutes and enough breath of course. Not ease standing on a pass or peak at an altitude around 10.000 feet after climbing 4000 feat or more. Another 20 to 30 minutes it takes to press the air out of the animal and stuff it back in the pack. Arranging  the elephant in the site and taking pictures mostly doesn’t take that long normally around 20 minutes even thou I always do several takes of my model in different arrangements during that time a lot can happen. Wether changes quickly in the mountains and it can be a risk to hikers. Also I have to keep in mind that there is  a certain amount of time to reach the stage target the refuge or camp. So its alway a decision of large consequence. But never the less this time I spend on each photo stop also gives chance to get largely impressed by the surrounding environment , the atmosphere, people or animal passing by at this certain place and time  You get in touch deeply to al that while performing such photographic production. On the other hand looking later on the photos taken you get quite much aware of that they are Images not truth.

But what’s truth today everyone is a photographer and images like this I could easily have done at home on the computer creatively using image software  found photographs. I doe this also skillful and with lot of fun some time. But the images shown in this pages are al „real“ photos taken in the place, digital photos of course but without any digital post production.

The Truth behind the photo above is that it’s taken by someone else than me but with my camera. A lot of hikers we met that day on the Coll Ferret between Italy and Switzerland. They al found quite curios this guy with the little dog, doing al the action with that plastic toy. So I explained my project and invited people to visit this blog. I fulfilled a lady’s wish to get photographed with the elephant and asked her to take a picture of me, my dog and the elephant too. All that was difficult, because it was quit could up there on this mountain pass and this strong wind called föhn that often blowing there so the elephant had to be strongly held or fixed by a rope al the time to avoid it from being thrown down to the valley.

the photos below my brother took

Me inflating my little mascot during a boat trip over Vierwaldstädter See 2009…

…deflating and packing it at the end of the day on a camp side in Martigny 2012.



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