what you see and what you can’t see

 A good example are the photographs below. This images where al taken in one place during a 30 min. session. You might see that I’m trying to find the the right position for the camera and the model, to define relation between observer and object, between my model (elephant) and the environment. If this relation somehow seems to bring life to the scene I’m satisfied. What you can’t see is that there is another photographer with a team of  8 supporters and two vans. They are trying to do that one perfect shoot of Mt. Blanc using an enormous installation of high tech equipment setup in a small lake, jut hidden by the little hill cap  on my photo. on most of the images nature seams wild and untouched, the landscape reminded me of pictures I saw of National Park Tore the Pines in Patagonia, but on one of the photographs the elephant seems to look up to Mont Blanc sitting down on a road and indeed there is this road track and cars go up to that lovely place there in Val Veny. On my  photos the scene seams deserted but I a can tell that during the 65 minutes of my  stay in that place around 65 person or more passed by most of them hikers.


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