Attention – Artist at work ! – Lately on Colle Seilliere

Hannibalism, an artistic project on the walk between Mont Blanc and Monaco went on. During September 1st to 30st artistic performances could be seen on several spots in France and Italy along the blue and red trail of Via Alpina. Here are some Impressions from Colle Seilliere, a mountainpass right on the frontier between France and Italy and close to Monviso. There the artist, his dog and the elephant faced heavy weather and worked under extreme conditions. 

Colle Seilliere



Colle Seilliere 0 Kopie

Colle Seilliere 1 Kopie

Colle Seilliere 2 Kopie

Colle Seilliere 3 Kopie

Colle Seilliere 4 Kopie

Colle Seilliere 5 Kopie

Colle Seilliere 7 Kopie

Colle Seilliere 6 Kopie

Colle Seilliere 9 Kopie

Colle Seilliere 10 Kopie

Colle Seilliere 11. Kopie


Colle Seilliere 12 Kopie

(stills from a 1,5 hours video-take)

After that we went the last 500 m towards the pass twice down and up again, to videotape the ascending and descending. It takes strength to do that with a a backpack of 25 Kg or more. Colle Seilliere is on 2850 m altitude. How Carl Valentin said: „Art is beautiful but a its lot of work.“ After finishing the work we went down to Refuge du Viso, where we slept…  in my tent because dogs are not welcome in most of the mountain huts run by the national alpine clubs. It was a pity because the hut was nice and the people we met there to. But after a stormy and cold night went on to Passo Vallante and back into Italy. Anyway we can be thank full to have passed the this part of Via Alpina without serious trouble, because as I noticed when we arrived on Colle Seilliere, the french border was also border of a natural park and dogs are not allowed in this part of the park. Usually I accept this regulations. We didn’t went trough the national parks of Gran Paradiso, Alp Maritime an Mercantour/Valle de Mervaille. Even thou the would have been right on  our way and I really wished to visit. Because of Sancho, my 4leg comrade,  we went around this areas by train and bus. But I did knew before about the exclusion here and when we arrived at Colle Seilliere it was too late to return. Because of weather and physical conditions we had to continue and pass this area towards Passo Vallanta and Val Varaita. I Hope we didn’t  disturbed I wild animals but I don’t think that we did. Sancho always walk on  the leash and on the last meters to Colle Seillierie we met a Capricorn. The young Capricorn showing now fear seamed interested in art. he followed us up to the pass and watched our performance there for quiet a while.

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