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Hannibalism an art-project by Thomas Falk

November 10, 2009

a long term artistic project on hiking trips,

 in galleries and on this blog

crossing the alps with an elephant on(in ) the back(bag) 


Lochberglücke Urner Alpen Schweiz – Photo Klaus Falk 2009

If at the Nufenenpass …










or in the parks on the Island of Brissago,…










if in the Dolomites…










high over Val Venoste









or at the Laguna of Venice…

this red elephant adds an inspiring irritation to  tourist photos

that irony undermines the esthetic of such postcard like images

if you like it, follow up this post and the elephant on several tours over the Alps

if you want give him a name or leaf any other commend  to this project